The CEIBS Global EMBA is a rigorous academic programme designed for experienced executives and entrepreneurs who are looking to broaden their functional skills as well as their ability to think strategically. 

It is a dynamic and multi-faceted programme, underpinned by four pillars:


The programme opens with a week-long module that focuses exclusively on developing your leadership capabilities. You will be assigned an executive coach who works with you throughout the module to help you discover your own leadership style. With this foundation in place, you can develop your leadership capabilities further through the Organisational Behaviour module; the mid-programme Leadership module; leadership electives; and the comprehensive reflection sessions that take place during the programme's Exit Module.


Today’s executives need to be able to think strategically across multiple business functions and processes to bring the greatest benefit to their organisation. That’s why the Global EMBA curriculum is designed to give students a firm grasp of business fundamentals and a holistic mindset based on the latest developments in the functional areas of Organisational Behaviour, Operations Management, Marketing, Financial Reporting, Managerial Accounting, and Corporate Finance.


The programme will raise your business acumen and overall strategic capabilities through dynamic modules, including: Strategic Management and an interactive Strategic Simulation. These modules will show you how to tie the various business functions together successfully. You will also work on a 10-month-long Capstone Project in teams of 4-6 classmates, where you will all apply your classroom learning to a genuine strategic issue faced by a real organisation. This will give you the chance to test what you’ve learned in a wholly practical, relevant, real-life business context.


To help you excel in the global arena, you will have the opportunity to experience the ever-evolving global business environment first-hand. Choose from 8 Global Elective modules delivered in 8 countries spanning 5 continents.  

John Park

South Korea
Chief Information Officer
Global EMBA 2016

"The GEMBA programme has been a personal transformational journey, which has reshaped me into a better professional. This comprehensive reflection starts from the very first week with the leadership module, where you will get to meet world-class faculty and classmates who will be able to challenge, support and coach you intensively throughout the programme. This constant self-reflection and leadership training will transform you every day. Transform yourself, with CEIBS GEMBA!"

Lucy Weng

General Manager
Ningbo Joyson Technology
Global EMBA 2011

"Being part of a Chinese company that is expanding with great pace outside of China, I sought a programme that would broaden my global perspective and hone my ability to lead in complex and diverse environments beyond my own doorstep. CEIBS Global EMBA provided this and so much more. It was truly a transformational experience and has greatly benefitted my own development and my contribution to my organsation."