Class Profile


The 18-month journey at CEIBS is a life-changing experience, not only because of the knowledge you will gain but because of the lifelong friendships that you will cultivate. Learning will not be limited to the classroom, but will also be acquired from the rich work experience and background that your colleagues will bring along with them. You will study and live in a truly global and stimulating environment, while gaining a deep understanding of Chinese culture and business practices. 

The CEIBS student body is made up of an outstanding group of individuals from 27 countries and regions – the most diverse group of any business school in mainland China.  Every year, our rigorous selection process encourages the formation of a “community” made up of exceptional individuals both in terms of their career as well as their personal accomplishments.  Our students are not only smart and ambitious, but are also endowed with the values and soft skills that will help them excel and flourish in the challenging MBA environment.  At CEIBS, we believe strong ethics and respect for others are equally as important as conscientiousness and achievement.