Selection & Decision


Selection Criteria

The Admissions Committee will take a holistic review of the applicant's academic record; response to essay questions; work experience; recommendation letters; test scores (such as GMAT, GRE or CEIBS Admissions Test); and the interview performance in order to comprehensively assess each applicant's overall suitability for MBA study at CEIBS.

Admission Decisions

Admission to the CEIBS MBA programme

We offer clear admission to highly qualified candidates.

Conditional Admission

We offer conditional admission to candidates who clearly demonstrate significant potential for success both within the CEIBS MBA programme and post MBA, but who we feel need additional preparation before beginning the CEIBS MBA programme. Conditional admission is typically based on the need for strengthening the analytical background or improving English communications skills.

Waiting List

If you are placed on the waiting list, you can expect to remain on it until the following round of decisions are released. There is no rank to the waiting list, and no feedback is provided to candidates while they remain on it.

Denied Admission

If you fail to meet the admission requirement of CEIBS MBA Programme, we encourage you to reapply in the next academic year.

Deferral Policy

Applicants who have been offered a place in the CEIBS MBA Programme but must defer their study due to circumstances beyond their control, may do so by submitting a formal request (written or via email) to the MBA Admissions Office. Your request will be reviewed by the Admissions Committee and the decision will be sent by email. You are required to pay the appropriate deposit to secure your seat in the programme. Your seat will be re-offered during the admission cycle in the next academic year. The offer of scholarship will not be automatically granted for deferred applicants.

If you choose to withdraw after deferring, CEIBS reserves the right to retain your deposit.

Please note that the School policy is to grant no more than one deferral.


If you have submitted an application to CEIBS which was not successful, we encourage you to reapply for the next academic year. In any given year, 5~10 percent of CEIBS' applicant pool are re-applicants.

You will find detailed instructions for re-application in the Online Application System