The Toronto alumni chapter is the first overseas chapter established by CEIBS Alumni Association. A number of CEIBS alumni emigrated to Canada since the late1990s. As time pass by they have come to the top with their excellent capabilities and diligence in the new surroundings. The chapter was set up by 20 CEIBS alumni in Toronto, the economic center of Canada in 2003. Up to 2006, some of the chapter members have returned to China. On the contrary, some domestic alumni are still in the stream of overseas emigration.

The alumni of CEMI-6, Mr. Zhu Bing was elected as the first president of the chapter. In the launching ceremony he delivered a speech in present of the all members that they would enhance the communication between school and overseas alumni through all kinds of channels and events. Meantime they would make all efforts to help new comers to adapt to the new environment.

Contact Person: Mr Jeffrey Zhou