"A Company can only be
as innovative as its leaders."

Dr. Philipp Boksberger


Corporate growth and success depend on the capability of a company’s management. Therefore, we deliver highly practical, compact and effective programs to get your people fit to face present and future challenges.

Our corporate programs, such as Leadership, Change Management and Innovation Management to name but a few, are developed specifically for you and are tailored to your needs and to your preferred management level.We bridge the gap between practice and theory by way of a distinguished network of international experts that is simultaneously cross-industry and highly specialized.

Our practical and compact approach allows executives to implement their newly acquired insights and experiences directly and generate immediate impact.Job absence is kept to a minimum.These benefits turn your management training costs into a long-term investment (ROI) and allow for efficient and effective leadership development.

We meet with you in person so that you can learn more about our references, approaches and solutions, and so that we can show you how investing in human resources can lead to long-term success.

We focus on the challenges of leadership, development and sustainable change in your company.We take a unique and innovative approach and offer you the highest level of flexibility regarding content, location and timing to effectively and efficiently realize your leadership program.

Unlike conventional corporate training, which is usually standardized and bears little to no relation to the executives’ real needs, we combine your current challenges at executive level with best practices as well as selected experts – and work together to find solutions.Every challenge needs different experts, be they industry-specific, academic, skilled leaders or possessing global experience. We have a unique network of experts to suit any challenge.Your people are the sole participants in these programs and the program content is treated confidentially.

We encourage discussion among participants through workshops, interactions and highly practical elements, which accelerates their shift to a transformative leadership style.As a result, what they have learned can be realized immediately and with long-term impact.Our mutual goal is to use optimized resources to generate the greatest possible impact for our clients and thereby strengthen leadership.

Each corporate program fulfills the goals that you set yourself.We pave the way for your company to take a step into the future.You benefit at every level:

  • Training content and formats tailored to your company’s challenges.
  • Each participant can identify closely with the training content.
  • Effective training with direct impact on participants.
  • Selected, reputable experts with international experience in all sectors and global markets.
  • Trainings held around the world.
  • Train at our management center in Horgen in beautiful and inspiring surroundings on the shores of Lake Zurich.
  • One contact person for all your management training programs.
  • Excellent performance for any budget.

Where, How & When?That is entirely up to you.You alone decide on the number of participants, the content and the length of the program, and also where it takes place.We look forward to meeting you.

Price per day: CHF 20,000

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