Our Campus

The CEIBS Zurich Campus in Horgen is located right on the shore of Lake Zurich. The campus reflects our efforts to create the perfect mix of innovation and tradition. Two modern lecture halls nestle between two picturesque buildings that used to belong to a winery, and are connected by a futuristic-looking glass facade.

Behind these walls you will also find the Restaurant Imperiale. Group rooms now occupy the area where the wine press used to stand, offering open, brightly lit space for study, conversation and realization.

In this beautiful and peaceful location, it is easy to forget that you are just 15 minutes away from Zurich’s buzzing city center and that you can take a train directly to Zurich airport. With its hotels, restaurants and opportunities for relaxation, Horgen itself is ideally situated to making your stay as enjoyable as possible.

Given that the Zurich Institute of Business Education primarily serves as a meeting place or marketplace where you can instantly explore cutting-edge ideas and the latest findings without red tape, the management team has opted out of having their own offices. Both the Program Managers and Philipp Boksberger himself work at desks in the lobby, giving you unrestricted access to ask questions or discuss any suggestions or feedback you have.


You can of course rent out space on our campus. Please contact us to discuss.


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