Why CEIBS is launching the 1+1 Project

This year, CEIBS is launching the 1+1 Project, a series of 5 lectures hosted by leading faculty acro

This year, CEIBS is launching the 1+1 Project, a series of 5 lectures hosted by leading faculty across three continents. The core objectives of the 1+1 series is to further strengthen the engagement with the international community.

The Zurich session started with an introductory speech by CEIBS Dean, Professor Ding Yuan.  He welcomed participants from Chile, Germany and Italy.  He explained that CEIBS started as a small business school founded and supported by the European Union in 1994, and over the last 23 years it has grown to be the largest business school in the Asia Pacific region, thanks in great part to Chinese economic growth. Today, the full-time MBA program is rated higher than IMD`s program. CEIBS has over 20’000 alumni, many working in China`s largest companies.


In its early days, CEIBS` motto was to train business leaders in China for the world, because more and more international companies were arriving in China and needed talent. Today, the motto has slightly changed, Prof. Dean said, and is: „Training global leaders for China.“ This motto reflects a new reality--the full-time MBA has 40% non-Chinese students. The new Global EMBA currently has two classes, one in Zurich and one in Shanghai, with additional courses offered in the Silicon Valley and in the Brazilian mega-city of Sao Paulo. Many Chinese executives are in the Global EMBA program and profiting from this enriching experience.

Why is the session called “1+1“?
Prof. Ding explained that the focus of the new initiative “1+1“, is primarily about CEIBS alumni promoting their school in their region.  CEIBS alumni know the school and its value better than anyone else—so who better to promote it?  In Europe, promoting CEIBS is still challenging, because the brand is not yet well-known.  It is for this reason that Prof. Ding wished to introduce a top academic, Prof. Zhang Hua to a European audience.  Similar „1+1“ events have only recently taken place in Taipei and Hong Kong, and other events will be held during the coming week in Singapore and Accra, Ghana.

Before Prof. Zhang’s lecture, Dr. Philipp Boksberger, CEO of the Zurich Institute of Business Education (CEIBS Campus Zurich), summarized the history of the business school.  He explained its focus on educating managers from SME`s, which are increasingly looking for managers with knowledge of China and the new consumer market.  One of the advantages of studying at the Zurich Institute of Business Education in that it has students from western Africa, China and Europe—providing an exciting mixture of experienced, tremendously skilled business executives, with wide-ranging abilities and backgrounds.


Prof. Dr. Yuan Ding

Dr. Yuan Ding is Vice President and Dean, Cathay Capital Chair Professor in Accounting at CEIBS. Prior to joining CEIBS, he was a tenured faculty member of HEC School of Management, Paris, France. He is member of European Accounting Association, French Accounting Association and American Accounting Association. Dr. Ding has acted as editor and editorial board member for many international academic journals in accounting and auditing.