The story of one who left Spain and discovered China.

In his latest book, Gracias China: The Myths and Realities of Doing Business in China, Professor Ped

In his latest book, Gracias China: The Myths and Realities of Doing Business in China, Professor Pedro Nueno reflects on China’s extraordinary capacity to generate economic growth, its contribution to technological development, and service industries such as health, tourism, banking and finance, as well as international trade.

Who if not he could share his insights on investing and doing business in China. As CEIBS President and Chengwei Ventures Chair Professor of Entrepreneurship Pedro Nueno has spent much of his time in China. Since 1994 he has been a member of the Board of Directors and Chairman of the Academic Council of CEIBS.



To thank China for all its contributions and its generosity is undoubtedly an act of justice. Especially for Pedro Nueno who has found in this country the best ally to spread worldwide university education. He reflects on the reasons why China is the only country capable of questioning the hegemony of the United States. "Thank you, China" is the result of these reflections and an analysis of the country.

It is a book on the recent past, the present and the future of the Asian giant, whose course may give us some clues about what will happen: opening up to foreign investment, with constant rhythms of growth, correcting possible imbalances. If this trend continues, the author concludes, sooner or later China will become what we all suspect: the world's first economy and a power that is difficult to overcome.

As China moves closer to becoming the world’s largest economy, and an increasing number of Chinese companies move up the value chain and go global, Professor Nueno’s book is an invaluable resource for executives around the world.

To recognise his outstanding contributions to business education in China, the Shanghai Municipal Government awarded him “The Golden Magnolia Award” in 2007. He also received the “China Friendship Award” from the People’s Republic of China in 2009. His dedication to business was also recognised by the Government of Spain with the Order of Civil Excellence, and the Government of Catalonia with the Saint Jordi Cross.

His research interests are entrepreneurship, management of privatisation and turnaround processes, industrial alliances, joint ventures and acquisitions, management of technology and innovation, and internationalisation processes. In addition to his work at CEIBS he is Bertran Foundation Chair for Entrepreneurial Management at IESE, Spain. He is the current Vice-Chancellor (2000-present) and past Chancellor (1993-2000) of the International Academy of Management.  

The book is written in Spanish and has been published by Plataforma Editorial.