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Dear reader Two month ago we announced our strategic alliance with CEIBS, the China Europe Internati

Dear reader

Two month ago we announced our strategic alliance with CEIBS, the China Europe International Business School. In the meantime several newpapers (FT, Handelszeitung) and news channels (MBA Journal, Top MBA, Global Praxis) reported on the deal. I will shortly come up with a personal statement about this new executive partnership.

In the meantime the Zurich Handelszeitung published an interview with me. I talk about the future of our business school after the cooperation with CEIBS. The interview appeared in the newspapers special supplement MBA. Click on the image to download it. Below, there is an English translation.

All the best,
Peter Lorange

Handelszeitung 26. Februar MBA Special

Source: Special „MBA“ „Handelszeitung“ February 26, 2015 (click to download)

What are the reasons that the Lorange Institute of Business Zurich enters into a strategic alliance with the China Europe International Business School?
Peter Lorange: The key reason is that we are eager to become stronger positioned for the growing markets in China. On a worldwide basis China has been the fastest growing economy, far ahead of our stagnant Europe.

Why is it important for CEIBS to secure access to the European market for further management education?
Peter Lorange: China has invested heavily in Europe, e.g. Volvo passenger cars etc. They feel they need management education training in Europe, for their Chinese executives working here

Is CEIBS holding a stake in the Lorange Institute?
Peter Lorange: CEIBS is gradually taking a stake in The Lorange Institute, as a function of the anticipated success of the strategic alliance.

Are you planning a sale of your Business Institute at a later time?
Peter Lorange: See above, the only Institute I am contemplating a sale to, in due time, is CEIBS.

How will the Lorange Institute profit from a partner in the Far East?
Peter Lorange: We expect a number of Chinese participants see above, and there will also be European executives that will increasingly be attracted to the Lorange Institute given our additional Chinese partnership.

Is your institute becoming a Chinese Business School?
Peter Lorange: No, the Lorange Institute will be run as before with the same management, Dr. Philipp Boksberger to be the CEO/President and as myself as the honorary Chairman

Or, if not your business school, will your programs become Chinese or more Chinese focused?
Peter Lorange: We will continue to run the current programs, but we shall of course add more “Chinese” content where appropriate.

Even prior to your cooperation with CEIBS you organized a day event called „Doing Business in China.“ What was the ambition for this move – or was the day event a first step on a long journey towards such a cooperation?
Peter Lorange: The latter. We realized that we had to be even stronger so we could be alone, hence we became increasingly motivated for this alliance.

What does this strategic alliance means to your „Swiss“ Executive MBA, which is validated by the British Ashridge Business School and which guarantees a Dual Degree accepted in the EU?
Peter Lorange: We do not expect any changes in this.

What can students expect: will there be an exchange program for EMBA students or will there study modules in the form of study trips to one or another CEIBS campus?

Peter Lorange: We are not yet clear on that, but we expect that our EMBA students will be given the opportunity to take modules in China.