The Gearbulk Living Case

Dear reader, On Monday, June 20, we started our 2-week module on Shipping & Logistics Management

Dear reader,

On Monday, June 20, we started our 2-week module on Shipping & Logistics Management that we ran in cooperation with BI Norwegian Business School. The course was taught by Prof. Douglas Macbeth from University of Southampton, Prof. Andy Shogan from Haas School of Business / Berkeley, Prof. Øystein Fjeldstad from BI, and myself.



The shipping crew (from left: Douglas, Øystein, Andrew, myself) – by the way: in real life we’re all more or less the same size…)

What makes teaching especially exciting this time is the fact that the 26 participants have travelled from virtually all over the world in order to join us at the Lorange Institute. When you have people from Oman, Singapore, Vietnam, Senegal, and Norway (just to mention a few) discussing and exchanging ideas on our campus in Horgen, then my vision of a global meeting-place has become reality.

The institute at twilight

The institute at twilight

While during daytime the participants gathered in the auditorium to learn more about Humanitarian Logistics, Risk Pooling Strategies, Niche Strategies, and Networked Organizations, in the evening they met in the group rooms to work on the solutions of the Living Case.

The ‘Gearbulk’ Living Case

As you might know, we do not work with ‘Harvard’ cases. All our case studies have a real background. We feel very proud that the Living Case for this module was provided by Gearbulk .

Gearbulk is an international shipping company providing high quality transportation services for various industrial sectors.  The company operates the world’s largest fleet of open hatch gantry craned vessels as well as open hatch jib craned vessels, specifically designed and equipped to transport unitized cargoes such as forest products, non-ferrous metals and steel.

Gearbulk is an international shipping company

Gearbulk is a leading carrier of unitized forest products and non-ferrous metals and operates the world’s largest fleet of open-hatch gantry craned vessels

Arthur English and Jacob Olsen from Gearbulk were came to the institute on Monday to brief the class about the details of the Living Case and participated in the discussion of the results with our participants at the end of the second week. I was very excited to contribute to that discussion, too!

As you might know, the Lorange Institute is one of the leading knowledge centers on Shipping. So, the next module on this topic is coming soon. On September 15-16, 2011 we will run a 2-day module on Shipping Markets. As there are still some free seats in that course you are very welcome to contact me in case you are interested in registering for it.

Yours, Peter Lorange