The Zurich Living Case – A report from inside

Dear Reader The Zurich Living Case is a powerful tool during our studies. It requires students to wo

Dear Reader

The Zurich Living Case is a powerful tool during our studies. It requires students to work in teams and solve current, real-life problems of leading companies. Executives present a specific problem at the beginning of a two-week programme module. At the end of every module, the students present their recommendations to the professors of the Lorange Institute and the management of the Living Case company and in turn receive feedback from the senior executives.

Executive MBA-Student Philippe Derron on his latest experience!
Peter Lorange


“The moment we „fear“ most during our MBA-Studies is the beginning of the Living CaseTM, a real-time case study with a partner.

Don’t get me wrong: uncertainity is always perceived as a threat. But as a matter of fact, unercainity is an opportunity to take decisions. And that is exactly what we are again and again exposed to during our studies towards the Executive MBA at the Lorange Institute.

These Living CasesTM are different from case studies because they are real. We receive a task which has little to do with anything that we are confronted with during our daily experiences and which might even be far from our preferences. Morevoer, we find have to find solutions under high-pressure with people we don’t know, sometimes with different cultural backgrounds – and the schedule is tight.

Believe me: at the beginning it is really hard. But as we do it in every program module again, we first got used to it and at a certain time it’s addictive: To work under high-pressure with a bunch of people and the only thing that counts is the result. A great experience for all of us.

The Living Case is like a vertical rock!

Doing this exercice during the session on „Talent and Intellectual Capital Management” we gained and developped skills to maximize our own output, if you like: to maximize the human capital output of our own team.

Only by doing so, we were able to solve our task the most effective and efficient way: Which are the core questions? How shall we solve them? In this critical moment of the project team work is a powerful tool and enabled us to discover new ways of thinking; if time is running short creativity is a key to success

Literally flooded by information and questions and under high-pressure it is hard to keep control, to structurize the work flow and to motivate the team. It’s a challenge. If you accept it, you win. We are, again, happy to have accepted the challenge.”

Philippe Derron